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  • 1Tam giáo chư vọng [The errors of the three religions]: A textual and analytical study of a Christian document on the practices of the three religious traditions in eighteenth-century Vietnam
    2Improving institutional accountability: Environmental and social policy compliance in Asian Development Bank-funded projects in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
    3Making tradition charismatic: Music, memory and alliance in contemporary Southern Vietnam
    4Emotional "workers": Women, agency, friendship, and boundary setting in Vietnamese cafés
    5Soap operas as a matchmaker: A cultivation analysis of the effects of South Korean TV dramas' on Vietnamese's marital intension
    6The departed: Narrative rupture and national identity in the wake of the Vietnam war
    7Demographic, lifestyle and dietary predictors for serum dioxin concentrations in Da Nang and Bien Hoa, Vietnam, many years after Agent Orange use during the Vietnam War
    8The My Lai Massacre and the press: An evaluation of the press in reporting a national disgrace
    9Childhood blood lead levels and associated risk factors in Vietnam
    10Piracy on the ground: How informal media distribution and access influences cultures in contemporary Hanoi, Vietnam
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